Stellar Password Recovery

Resets Windows & FTP Clients Login Passwords Easily

Stellar Password Recovery

Stellar Password Recovery is a comprehensive password recovery software to reset the Admin and User accounts passwords to log in to Windows. This Windows password recovery tool finds the username and password from web browsers, remote desktop, and FTP client applications as well as finding the license keys of applications configured on your system.

  • Resets Windows login password to blank with the bootable disc
  • Offers both BIOS and UEFI mode to boot up the provided disc
  • Finds serial number of varied configured applications using the setup file
  • Finds username and passwords for websites in browsers & FTP client applications
  • Easy-to-use interface for resetting and finding username and password
  • Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP, and Windows Server 2008 version and lower


Product Description

Stellar Password Recovery is professional software that recovers forgotten passwords of the Windows, Emails, FTP Clients etc., and retrieves Registered Microsoft application keys efficiently. Its simple and user-friendly interface helps you throughout the process. The software home screen offers three password-recovery options i.e. Admin/User Password, Password Finder, and License Key Finder, and the applications under these modules.

The 'Admin/User Password' module allows you to reset forgot passwords of Admin and User accounts on your Windows computer. You need to burn the downloaded bootable .ISO image of the software to a disc and boot from it. It lists all accounts created on a particular computer and allows you to reset their passwords to blank.

'Password Finder' option retrieves the usernames and passwords from various network applications, web browsers and FTP installed on your Windows computer. It lists all installed as well as supported applications under the category it falls; however, only installed applications are highlighted. On clicking, it displays associated information such as URLs, Username, passwords etc. These recovered usernames and passwords are saved in a text file on your computer.

'License Key Finder' retrieves the license keys of the registered Microsoft applications. It retrieves the license key of the installed registered Microsoft applications, such as MS Office Enterprise 2007, MS Office Visio Professional 2007, MS Office 2003/2002, MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, MS Visual Studio 2008/2005, on your computer. It retrieves this information from the internal memory of your computer. However, it does not crack the password of your computer; it allows you to reset it to blank. Various web browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape Navigator, MSN Explorer; FTP Clients i.e. Cute FTP, Smart FTP, FTP Navigator, Auto FTP, FTP Control, BulletProof etc., Remote Desktop and WinZip are also supported by Stellar Password Recovery.

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