Stellar Partition Manager

Efficiently Manages Partitions on Mac Hard Drives including the BOOT Volume

Stellar Partition Manager

Stellar Partition Manager that allows you to perform basic partitioning operations, such as creating, deleting, resizing, formatting, and hiding/revealing a partition.

  • A complete Mac Partition Manager utility
  • Creates new partition(s) on Mac hard drive
  • Resizes, formats, or deletes existing partitions
  • Resizes Mac partition by optimizing the free space
  • Resizes Boot Camp & NTFS partition with ease
  • Compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6

* Free Download: is a Demo version of the software that allows you to format, delete, hide and reveal a Mac partition. To effectively use all the features of the software, you need to register the product.

Product Description

Stellar Partition Manager is quick, easy and Do-it-Yourself software that manages the individual volume (including BOOT volume) of your Mac. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that helps the users to smoothly operate it. Its compatibility with the Mac OS X Yosemite and later enables it to perform in a better way.

The software does all the partition management tasks, such as "creating a new volume", "deleting an existing volume", "resizing a volume", "hide/reveal an existing volume", and "formatting a volume."

Creating a partition utilizes the unused space available in other volumes, while deleting a volume avails the overall space for other volumes. If the operations are to be performed on the Boot volume of a Mac, you can do it by creating a BOOT Disc. However, creating a data backup is always suggested to avoid any kind of data loss while operating on the BOOT volume.

Stellar Partition Manager displays the hard drive volumes with associated information. It warns the users every time while creating the backup of data in order to maintain the integrity of data and avoid possible risks. It facilitates the multitasking of operations, which does not require much user attention. The "undo" option is also available for the performed tasks. Managing the hard drive volumes includes the process of optimizing the free space.

Stellar Partition Manager improves the performance of the Mac by logically arranging this free space, which in turn assists the users in re-partitioning the hard drive. These hard drive volumes can be hidden temporarily to prevent the unauthorized user access. The hidden volume does not mount automatically until the user allows using Reveal option.

Once the volume is revealed, it starts showing at its original place. These volumes can be re-sized if the unused space is available. The unused space in a volume can be utilized by decreasing its size. However, increasing the size of a volume requires free space in the hard drive.

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* Free Download: is a Demo version of the software that allows you to format, delete, hide and reveal a Mac partition. To effectively use all the features of the software, you need to register the product.

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Rating & Reviews

quote left After installing Stellar Partition Manager, I hardly use Disk Utility for partitioning. For every other activity, DU is great, but it simply makes the partitioning task a mess especially on OS X El Capitan. I am awaiting the macOS Sierra upgrade eagerly.  quote right
quote left I plugged out a NTFS hard drive from a dead Windows PC and wondered how to use it on Mac. Disk Utility wouldn’t detect the NTFS hard drive so I turned up to Stellar Partition Manager. This software allowed me to format the NTFS hard drive and erase it for Mac OSX Journaled.  quote right
quote left Thanks to Stellar Partition Manager for providing a friendlier interface for managing my partitions. Partitioning Mac hard disk with the facelifted Disk Utility is just inconvenient and non-productive. I no longer trust Mac's Disk Utility. The older version was the best. However, I appreciate the work done by the developers of Stellar Partition Manager application. I am waiting for newer updates eagerly.  quote right
Nate Eales
quote left Thanks for existing Stellar Partition Manager. I had a Windows NT hard drive having 100 GB of files and rest 400 gigs free. With your software, I created another partition on this drive and formatted with HFS transferred Macintosh HD files to it. Disk Utility just don't do it.  quote right
quote left Stellar Partition Manager is the boss of Mac partitioning. I used it once and it resized Mac HD to occupy remaining useless 100 Gigs in the most reliable manner.  quote right
Kauan Melo Cunha
quote left Great software with excellent in-built features. Expanded my startup disk easily.  quote right
quote left My hard drive spaces went wasted when disk utility failed to use them for resizing Macintosh HD. I took Stellar Partition Manager boot drive and did the resizing in a bootable environment and it worked as planned.  quote right