Stellar File Wipe Windows

Stellar File Wipe Windows

Efficiently wipes all sensitive, critical information present on your Windows based drives.

  • Secures your private and critical information.
  • Wipes unused spaces.
  • Wipes selected drives, folders and files.
  • Wipes all internet activity traces and temporary Internet files.
  • Option for Scheduled Wiping at particular date and time.



*The Free Demo download of Stellar File Wipe removes unused spaces up to 10GB, wipes application and system traces.






Stellar File Wipe is quick, easy, and secured utility to wipe all sensitive data on your Windows drives. The tool is helpful in many cases when you are disposing off your old hard drive or donating your old IT asset to others. Selling or donating computers with existing data or with merely formatting them does not ensure secure data sanitization. Stellar File Wipe ensures complete data erasure with the application of various trusted and tried standard overwriting algorithms for wiping the data.

Stellar File Wipe is efficient enough to wipe the entire data from the hard drive, folders, and files to an extent that no recovery software can ever get them back. In addition, the software very effectively wipes all your free or unused hard drive spaces, which are generated by deleting operating system. The tool deleted all such unused spaces, the spaces left while saving a file to protect your privacy as well as optimize the space in the drive.

System traces, such as recycle bin, memory dumps, Windows event log, recently used documents, past items from notification area, temporary files by applications, and others do save a lot of critical information. They also consume lots of space and put load on your PC. Stellar File Wipe completely wipes them all leaving no clue to be recovered.

Internet activities, such as typing a URL, any username or password, the details we fill in the forms, or even the text we put in the search engine are all recorded, which potentially pose threat to your online identity as well as privacy. The tool permanently wipes all such details, in addition to the temporary files, leftovers, etc from your system. The tool supports all popular Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla, and Google Chrome etc.


   I recommend using this tool. It gets the job done. You tolerate the inconveniences when you are doing the "impossible"    

Tormod Steinsholt,
United Kingdom


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